A Simple Workflow for WordPress Development

I recently collaborated on a WordPress project with a developer who had never used a modern front-end workflow. While that's understandable, I wasn't about to give up Sass, or go back to the old days of FTPing files up to a server. And with two developers working on the same project, version control – Git in particular – was a must so that we wouldn't overwrite each other's work. My challenge was to introduce these concepts and tools to him in the fastest way possible so that he could jump right in and get to work.

That's why I developed this workflow. It's easy to learn and it provides failsafes and safety nets that help you develop with confidence. It takes a bit of work to set up, but once you start using it, I doubt you'll ever go back to your old ways. If anything, you'll want to tweak it to make it your own.

With this workflow, we'll be developing on our local, using Git for version control and deployment, safely syncing our database, and using a starter theme that comes preconfigured with modern front-end tools that make developing our site easier and more efficient.

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